Thursday, 12 October 2017

MIRACLE IN CELL NO. 7 By Lee Hwan-kyung

Movie: Miracle in Cell No. 7
Director:  Lee Hwan-kyung
Producer: Kim Min-ki, Lee Sang-hun
Cinematographer: Kang Seung-gi
Release Date:  January 23, 2013
Run Time: 127 minutes
 Language:  Korean


Lee Yong-go is a mentally ill father living with his six-year-old daughter Ye-seung. One day, he gets into a physical altercation with the police commissioner, who has just purchased the last Sailor Moon backpack for his daughter, a gift Yong-go was saving up to buy for Ye-seung. Soon after, the police commissioner's daughter dies in a freak accident, in which she slips on ice and suffers a fatal blow to the back of her head while she is taking Yong-go to another store that sells the same backpack. When he tries to rescue  a woman witnesses him and mistakes him to be molesting her. Yong-go is falsely accused of the abduction, murder, and rape of a minor. The police quickly take advantage of his disability and force him to admit to the crimes, while ignoring exonerating evidence. Yong-go is imprisoned and assigned to Cell No. 7, the harshest cell in  prison.

Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Heartbreak Library By Kim Jung- kwon


Movie : Heartbreak Library
Director: Kim jung-kwon
Producer : Lee Ho-Yeon,Park Jun-hong,Moon sung-joo
Cinematographer : Yun Myeong-sik
Release Date : October 23, 2008
Run Time : 97 Minutes
Language : Korean

The movie - Heartbreak Library is a 2008 south Korean movie, starts with daily routines of a girl Eun - soo who is a librarian in the village. One day she notices a well dressed guy tearing pages from many books and later she came to know that the guy is tearing page 198 from every single book. After seeing this act she just calls the police. That guy(Jun - oh) gives a word that he will not tear the pages from now on and he will just copy it if he needs and the arrest wast not happened. Later she knows that there is a reason behind his abnormal action and She asks the same man about it and he says he has to find a message from page 198 which his girlfriend has left for him before leaving which he got attention from her note "look up page 198" without mentioning the book name. After hearing all this Eun-soo tries to help him. By looking at the library database she finds that his girlfriend was a great book lover and has passed through more than 900 books from her library. Eun-soo then asks the man to leave her as it is her wish to leave even if she too passed the same situation earlier. But Jun -oh was not in a mood to quit and wants to know why she left him. This movie is running a little slow but the tittle itself has a great affect on the movie. The main characters out there showed a great dedication to their job. Please try to watch this movie.


Sunday, 24 April 2016

My Little Bride By Kim Ho-Jun

Ø  Movie: My Little Bride
Ø  Director: Kim Ho-Jun
Ø  Producer: Choi Soon-Shik
Ø  Cinematographer: Seo Jeong-Min
Ø  Release Date: April 2, 2004
Ø  Run time: 115 min.
Ø  Language: Korean

My little bride is a south Korean romantic comedy film about an arranged marriage and after life between a high school  student  and a  college student. Bo-eun is a 15 year old high school student  who was asked to marry  Sang-min  a college student  by her grandfather. After strong influence from the grandfather she admits it and marry Sang-min. After marriage she pretends  that she never have a husband. But  at the same time she had a crush in her school with baseball captain. By the time moves on Sang-min  becomes art teacher in her school. From there it starts the real love story. In  the end she know about the care, love and affection that Sang-min has towards her and says her feeling towards him in front of the whole school. It is a nice comedy movie watch it and enjoy. 

Saturday, 23 April 2016

My Sassy Girl By Kwak Jae-Yong

Movie                : My Sassy Girl

Director             : Kwak Jae-Yong

Producer            : Shin Chul

Cinematography : Kim Sung-Bok

Release Date      : July 27, 2001

Running Time     : 123 Minutes



This movie is all about a comical romantic love story of a student Gyeon woo who was asked to go for a date by his mom.During the journey to his aunts house he finds a girl fully drunk and waiting for train in platform. He helps the girl and carries her to the nearest hotel as she was drunk and out of her mind. After that day they met again and she tells her story of breaking her relation with some one and was drunk …again she starts drinking and lost her mind and again a repetition happens. From the next day on wards the girl becomes a part of Gyeon woos life.

Later on due to some reason girl decides to break up with gyeon woo but says about a time capsule in which both of them write letters to each other and bury it under a tree near the mountain. Both of them agrees to meet in the same place after 2 years to read the letters together and they departs.

After 2 years Gyeon woo travels to the mountain where they buried the time capsule but the girl was not there. Later he opens the capsule and reads the letter which the girl wrote to him and knows the fact that her relation breakup because of her old boy friends death and Gyeon woo reminds her old boyfriend when ever she met him.

A year after Gyeon woos visit the girl visits the same place and met with an old man who reveals that its not the same tree but one young man planted the same tree as it was struck by lightning. Hearing all this girl tries to call Gyeon woo but was not able to contact.

In the last portion the girl shown up with an old lady who is her dead boyfriends mother just introduces her nephew who turns out to be Gyeon woo and asks her to marry him. Thus director tries to end the story happily. Don’t ever miss this movie if you watch Korean  movies, I hope you people will love this one too.

Friday, 22 April 2016

The Priests By Jang Jae-Hyun

Ø  Movie: The Priests
Ø  Director: Jang Jae-Hyun
Ø  Producer: Baek Ji-Sun, Song Dae-Chan, Oh Hyo-Jin, Lee Yoo-Jin
Ø  Cinematographer: Go Nak-Sun
Ø  Release Date: November 5, 2015
Ø  Runtime: 108 min.
Ø  Language: Korean

The Priests


The  movie starts  with an accident  in which a high school student, Young-Sin, gets hit by a car at night, after that she  suffers from mysterious mild illness. Priest Kim – main character in the film knows the Young-Sin and visits her in the hospital. He is sure she is possessed by demonic spirits. He prepares for an exorcism with the help of the Korean Catholic Church.Priest Kim requires some one to assist him for exorcism, but all the assistants  flee after taking part in the same. Later  a seminary student Choi get selected  and starts to do the rituals. Even he gets feared and tries to run away during the exorcism. But  later he joins again with Priest Kim,But they have only one day left to save Young-Sin with letting their lives all at risk.
Watching this movie by thinking a thriller or some thing like that is not  the way it is…some where you will get bored but afterwards you people will just feel it right. Just try to watch it.
Trailer : 

Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Daisy By Andrew Lau

Daisy  is a 2006 film directed by Hong Kong filmmaker Andrew Lau.  Daisy is an romantic melodrama based on a triangular love story…Main characters are Hye-young – A painter girl,  Jeong Woo – Detective officer &  Park Yi  A contract killer.Daisy was produced by iFilm.

Star cast :

Jun Ji-hyun       -  Hye-young
Jung Woo-sung - Park Yi
Lee Sung-jae    - Jeong Woo
Chun Ho-jin      - Detective Jang

Story :

Hye-young  is an artist who makes her living by sketching portraits of people for 30 euros per portrait. Park Yi  is a professional hit man who sees Hye-young painting in the high mountains and instantly falls in love with her.One day, while Hye-young is trying to cross a small channel connected by a narrow log, she falls down and loses her art bag, which contains all her painting equipment. Park Yi, who had been watching her from a distance, immediately runs to her rescue; but by the time he she was gone. He finds the bag she lost and gets the log replaced with a bridge. The next time she comes to paint, Hye-young is taken by surprise at the sight of the new bridge. Though, initially, she thinks the bridge is a coincidence, she is moved when she finds her lost bag hung in the middle of the bridge. She completes her painting of the mountains and leaves it in place of her bag as a gesture of thanks for the person who had built the bridge for her. From that day on, she starts receiving daisy flowers daily. As the days pass, she just starts to love the person who is sending the flowers and develops a soft spot towards the person. On the other hand, Park Yi is afraid she might be hurt if he gets close to her, because of his profession. He just maintains a distance from her.

Interpol detective Jeong Woo  is working on a case involving a drug ring. One day, on his way to track the activities of the drug dealers, he encounters Hye-young and her portrait stand. He asks her for his portrait as he surveys the crowd for suspicious activity; this continues for a few more days until one day the drug dealers come to know his hideout.

In the meantime, Hye-young starts to believe that Jeong Woo is the one sending her daisy flowers and instantly falls in love with him. Jeong Woo also hides the fact for fear of blowing his cover.

Park Yi, who has been constantly keeping an eye on Hye-young and Jeong Woo, notices a few gangsters advancing towards them with armed pistols. Park Yi instantly grabs his gun and starts shooting the gangsters. However, Park Yi accidentally shoots Hye-young in the neck, she losses her vocal for the rest of her life. Jeong Woo is crushed with guilt, for he considers himself responsible for this entire things happened.

Jeong Woo is transferred back to Korea, leaving Hye-young alone and heartbroken. Park Yi cannot help himself with Hye-young's condition and starts showing up and moving close to her. Hye-young is still in love with Jeong Woo and cannot forget him.

After a year, Jeong Woo comes back to the Netherlands and surprisingly shows up on Hye-young's doorsteps. He apologises for the entire episode and leaves her in tears. Meanwhile, Jeong Woo's boss, who wants to solve the case behind this whole episode, tells Jeong Woo to catch the guy who shot the gangsters. Further investigation reveals Park Yi's identity as professional hit man, and they set a trap.

Jeong Woo's boss contracts Park Yi's dealer to kill Jeong Woo in a plot to catch Park Yi. Jeong Woo shows up in a car secretly surrounded by many undercover cops. Jeong Woo came to know Park Yi as Hye-young's friend when he had gone to apologise to her. Park Yi suddenly shows up and asks Jeong Woo for a private talk. Jeong Woo stalls all the cops, saying that he is going to speak with a friend and is later found shot in the head. (Although Park Yi reveals his real identity and refuses to kill him, Jeong Woo is shot by another assassin belonging to Park Yi's group.)

Jeong Woo's boss gives hints of the activities of the man who killed Jeong Woo to Hye-young at Jeong Woo's funeral. Hye-young instantly realises who the killer is. Hye-young holds Park Yi at gunpoint, but fails to pull the trigger and falls unconscious due to the spiked tea she drank moments before.

Meanwhile, Jeong Woo's boss devises a much tougher plan to catch Jeong Woo's assassin by targeting himself for a contract killing. A series of events leads Hye-young to realise that Park Yi was the one sending her the daisies. Park Yi, who is all set to assassinate Jeong Woo's boss, is taken by surprise when Hye-young shows up asking him to stop. The assassin responsible for Jeong Woo's death shoots at Park Yi, but the bullet is intercepted by Hye-young, who sees the reflection of the car that the assassin is in on a building opposite, and she dies

Park Yi takes his revenge by killing his entire gang. He later stumbles out of the building and limps down the street.

Director  narrates the story In such a nice way that we are able to catch it so easily. Same story is been said with life of three different people. Any way I love this movie a lot hope you too.

Sunday, 6 December 2015

Memories Of Murder - A True Story

                 The movie starts by showing a wast field in south Korea, a young and beautiful woman is found dead, raped and bound in her underwear. Detective Park Doo-Man and Detective Cho Yong-koo, investigate the murder. They just tries to build false result &  trying to torture the suspects, without any practical result. Detective Seo Tae-Yoon arrives to help with investigations and is showing other pals that they are dealing with a serial killer…Any way the story based on a true incident that happened in Korea.